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Morgan, Jane Walking with Moreno in the Organisational Jungle (PDF, 62.4 KB) Journal 16 December 2007 Jane is an advanced psychodrama trainee who is a senior manager in the public sector in Brisbane. She has been a change agent and leader in organisational and people development for over two decades. Her passion for creating successful organisations that enable people to grow into their potential capability has been a driving force in her work. Ever since reading Hegel and Marx as a young sociologist in the 70's, I have believed that bureaucratic organizations are an inescapable and dominating form of our social structure. And in those exciting days I did more than my fair share of hurling myself against those unresponsive walls. It was later that I came to know this as the 'cultural conserve' of government and administration - the product of previous creative effort that had become stultified and although lacking in spontaneity was now accepted as the way things worked. I was left affronted and deeply perplexed by the minimal and easily corrupted changes achieved through all this radical collective effort. 9 2007-12