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Authored by Naor, Yaacov

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Goett, Hilde; Naor, Yaacov Towards Healing: Confronting the Holocaust Through Psychodrama, Sociodrama and Rituals (PDF, 115.9 KB) Journal 19 December 2010 In 'Towards Healing: Confronting the Holocaust through Psychodrama, Sociodrama and Rituals', Yaacov Naor and Hilde Goett describe an on-going workshop project undertaken with second and third generation descendants of Holocaust survivors and perpetrators. They discuss the trans-generational transmission of trauma, and identify differences and commonalities between victim and perpetrator descendants as well as those from mixed backgrounds. They describe how they use psychodrama, sociodrama and ritual to bring about encounter, dialogue and the beginnings of healing. 4 2010-12