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Authored by Nourse, Rosemary

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Nourse, Rosemary Saying YES: Embracing Life As We Age (PDF, 237.2 KB) Journal 24 December 2015 aging I am as old as my disappointments in life, and as young as my naughtiest thought. - Xameb the Bushman (Pearse, 1973, p. 3) Elizabeth and I greet each other with pleasure. I'm standing in the passage outside our office to give participants in a new group directions to our room. In greeting me she slows, but keeps moving slowly and steadily down the long passage. Her body is angled forward, her walker bearing her weight. She's the first to arrive, as she was for every session of our previous group. 9 2015-12
Nourse, Rosemary The Humble Continuum Revalued (PDF, 62.7 KB) Journal 14 December 2005 A counsellor who works for the Oasis Center for Problem Gambling and Relationship Services in Wellington, New Zealand, presents a report on the application of the continuum in her clinical practice. She presents descriptions of sessions, general clinical observations and discusses some of the impacts of its use. 4 2005-12