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Penny, Christian Book Review: The Theatre of Spontaneity (2010 Edition) By J.L. Moreno (PDF, 1,010.7 KB) Journal 19 December 2010 The Theatre of Spontaneity (2010 Edition) By J.L. Moreno Original English translation by J.L. Moreno published 1947 in the USA by Beacon House, New York, followed by two revised and enlarged editions 1973 and 1983 Reviewed by Christian Penny 15 2010-12
Penny, Christian A Psychodramatic Warm-Up to a Theatrical Rehearsal (PDF, 188.3 KB) Journal 7 December 1998 The author, a theatre director and psychodrama trainee, describes his experimentation with a psychodrama warm-up to a theatrical rehearsal. He used a psychodramatic warm-up to an acting role with a female actor during a rehearsal of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible". The warm-up liberated all the actors involved in the scene, helping them give an emotionally authentic performance. 1 1998-12