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Authored by Putt, Martin

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Hosking, Bev; Putt, Martin; Seligman, Katerina Climate change, biochar and community action: An exchange of letters (PDF, 268.1 KB) Journal 25 December 2016 When plants grow, they take up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When the plants die, the carbon is released back into the atmosphere. However, if the plant mass is converted to charcoal, the carbon that was in the plant can be locked into the soil instead of being released into the atmosphere. Charcoal is made by heating biomass (plant and animal material) in the absence of oxygen. The fumes that are driven off can be fed back to fuel the furnace, and can also be captured to produce high octane fuel. The heat produced can be used to generate electricity. 11 2016-12
Putt, Martin Trusting Myself. Trusting the Method (PDF, 57.4 KB) Journal 13 December 2004 The author discusses his role as a psycho dramatist at work in a weekend workshop conducted for adult male sex offenders and his contribution in it. The main aim of the workshop was to widen perspectives, develop empathy and move towards a role reversal with victims. 4 2004-12
Putt, Martin Book Review: Rebels With A Cause: Working with Adolescents Using Action Techniques by Mario Cossa (PDF, 68.8 KB) Journal 15 December 2006 adolescents, Mario Cossa No abstract available 2 2006-12