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Authored by Reid, Selina

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Reid, Selina Doubling as a therapeutic response to childhood sexual trauma (PDF, 251.1 KB) Journal 27 December 2018 doubling Attuned companionship from others early in life builds the foundation for a person’s acceptance of their self as worthy, lovable and belonging. This self-acceptance assists a person to relate positively to others and to the world as a whole (Broom, 2008; Cooke, 2009; Dayton, 2005; O'Rourke, 2005). Conversely, a person’s self-acceptance may be restricted or absent as a result of the lack of attunement from early caregivers, or diminished by traumatic events, including childhood sexual trauma [CST]. If this occurs, the spontaneity of a psychodramatic double may assist a person to warm up to self-acceptance, enabling them to connect with already- developed abilities, and to develop new progressive functioning (Dayton, 2005). 6 2018-12