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Authored by Sutcliffe, Marilyn

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Sutcliffe, Marilyn Via Sponte: The Art of Effective Auxiliary Work (PDF, 70.7 KB) Journal 16 December 2007 When a person approaches another and enters their experience, with lightness, immediacy and boldness, where they are not bothered by convention but caught up in a simple act of kindness, the world becomes a different world. Everything is brighter, the sky is bluer. In these moments the person becomes more observant and gets to know aspects of self that have been hitherto unknown. Experiencing the self is a holistic, numinous experience and it's these experiences that make it possible to keep generating more spontaneity and acts of kindness. Such experiences are unforgettable and they expand exponentially, creating change in the whole social system. Achieving these ecstatic, existential encounters happens only when we access our spontaneity. 2 2007-12