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Authored by Williscroft, Cher

Author Title Issue Keywords Abstract Sequence
Williscroft, Cher Integration of Organisation Theory (PDF, 911.1 KB) Journal 2 December 1993 It is the organisation of people on a visit to Nelson Lakes National Park which I have used to describe the characteristics of open systems in the first paper. In the second paper I have described my analysis and interventions with the staff of a veterinary clinic. 1 1993-12
Williscroft, Cher Effie Best Life of a Sociodramatist (PDF, 79.1 KB) Journal 14 December 2005 Interview with sociodramatist Effie Best discussing her life and work. 3 2005-12
Williscroft, Cher Book Review: Sociodrama in a Changing World (PDF, 76.7 KB) Journal 20 December 2011 Senior sociodrama trainers from the United Kingdom, Ron Weiner, Di Adderley and Kate Kirk have collated an impressive collection of 34 articles on the history and development of sociodrama and its theory, practice and application, through the lens of four key themes: So What is Sociodrama? (Theory and Practice), Sociodrama in Cross Cultural Work, Sociodrama in Organisations and Sociodrama in Education and Training. The editors succeed in their goal of providing a 'wide ranging collection of views on the current debate what is Sociodrama?' with articles gathered from practitioners and trainers living and working in 13 countries from all four corners of the globe. Each contributing author works at the cutting edge of sociodramatic development in their own country and has an impressive background of teaching and practice. There is a variety of different approaches, with some articles predominantly theoretical, some historical in flavour, some sociological and others case study centred. 20 2011-12