The purpose of AANZPA is to promote spontaneity in the Members of the Association and through them the spontaneity, creativity and co-creation of progressive relationships that strengthen the health and well-being of society in Australia and Aotearoa   New Zealand and in our relationships with those in other countries. (more...)


The vision is of able men and women all over the place expressing themselves relevantly in the ordinary here and now situations in which they live and work. This expression may be in silence, in building, in planning, in negotiating, in teaching, or in play, but it will be a responsive and creative expression, and expression that brings joy to the human spirit, that uplifts the soul, that makes us feel part of the universe again.


First established in 1980, AANZPA now has about 90 Ordinary and Distinguished members who are Certificated Psychodramatist, Sociodramatists, Sociometrists or Role-Trainers. 25 of these members are further certificated as Trainer, Educator and Practitioners (TEPs) or Educator Practitioners. A further 200 members are Associate Members. Members are mainly from Australia or Aotearoa   New Zealand, with some in Japan, USA, UK or Europe

AANZPA is as an incorporated not-for-profit association in South Australia and in Aotearoa New Zealand. A copy of the AANZPA Constitution (PDF) is available.


An Executive is elected from certificated members every two years. You can Contact the President and other members of the AANZPA Executive.

Board of Examiners

A Board of Examiners is appointed by the Executive. Amongst other activities, they have established Training Institutes throughout Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. Thorough training, supervision and rigorous assessment, certification procedures lead to a high level of practitioner competence.


Much of the life of the Association is in the Regions established in most cities in Australia and Aotearoa   New Zealand. AANZPA publishes an annual Journal as well as a regular bulletin, Socio, for members. Each year Association members conduct training and travel to conferences in other countries throughout the world.

Organisational Membership

There is a AANZPA flag statement on the PACFA site. It describes psychodrama and its applications and has additional information about ANZPA itself.


To get in touch with AANZPA by email go to the Contact page. AANZPA's postal address is: AANZPA, PO Box 232, DAW PARK, SA 5041, AUSTRALIA.