We Live in the Small Things

Tuesday 16 January, 9:30am-5:00pm
Wednesday 17 January, 9:30 – 4:00pm

Fee: $477 AUD
Maximum Participants: 14

Working with fleeting moments of experiencing on the psychodrama stage, offers a way of allowing these moments to speak to us. Such moments can be quite ordinary and seemingly inconsequential. They may be experienced wordlessly or not. At times they offer a glimpse into patterns of living and ways of being. They may be small gestures with deep roots. These moments offer opportunities to slow down, to live in the small things. In our current context of rapid change, they can give us a breather and an opportunity for renewal.

Using a range of psychodrama techniques to amplify such moments can provide access to the imagination, to alternate narratives and to spontaneous expression. For the psychodrama director, they can be an opportunity to work in greater detail with the body and the voice and to engage in play and experimentation. In addition, should these moments open up areas that the protagonist is not ready to address, the director can re-contract around what will be attended to as the enactment unfolds.

Over these 2 days we will take the time to stay with brief moments of experiencing; moments with ourselves, with others, with the living world, and with what matters to each of us.


Hilde Knottenbelt is a Psychodrama Trainer, Educator and Practitioner who has been on the teaching staff of the Melbourne Campus since 2000. Much of her working life has involved working with creative processes in groups, processes that exist in the moment and leave no material trace. More recently she’s been enjoying the world of making things that have a life beyond the moment.

Hilde works in private practice as a counsellor, supervisor and coach with a range of people including creative professionals.