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Authored by Begg, Ali

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Begg, Ali Psychodrama Theory and Group Work in Reflective Practice Groups for GPs (PDF, 174.4 KB) Journal 29 December 2020 GP, hospital, patient, Psychodrama, role analysis Introduction: On obtaining certification as a psychodramatist I recall Max Clayton saying “Now the real learning begins” — and it certainly did! I got a job as a medical educator and have gradually transformed from being a GP on the treadmill of 15-minute consultations into a medical educator and group leader. When I wrote my AANZPA thesis “Psychodrama for Doctors” (Begg, 2005) I proposed psychodrama as a path to help doctors develop self-awareness and interpersonal relationship skills that would help medicine progress towards a new holistic medical paradigm. I imagined ways of using action methods in medical settings. I then experimented with various aspects of psychodramatic production as opportunity arose in my work for the NZ College of GPs’ education program — concretisation, action sociograms, role play etc. However, group work and psychodrama theory have proved the most useful aspects of my psychodrama training for my current work. This article is about my Reflective Practice Group for first year General Practitioners (GPs) which I have been leading for 13 years. I will introduce you to these groups and share some ways I see psychodrama theory and group leadership skills contributing to this work. Hopefully, this will be of interest and relevant to your work, especially if you run groups in settings where psychodrama is not explicitly practiced. 9 2020-12
Begg, Ali Book Review: To Rakiura and Beyond (PDF, 31.4 KB) Journal 20 December 2011 For me, To Rakiura and Beyond began as a sensory experience. This slim 99 page paperback looks good and feels good with its colourful cover and silky, high quality pages. Short chapters with poetic or descriptive titles are sprinkled with poems and italicised quotes in large print. A great warm up. Soon I was immersed in Sandra Turner's cancer journey, her experiences of living with cancer rather than battling it. I was in tears at times and full of wonder at the strength of the life force in others. It was an honour to share this author's well written story, in which she has opened her life to others. The book is especially aimed at those living with cancer, and their families and friends, but as a reflection on what is important and how to live well when life throws a curler, its appeal is much wider. 12 2011-12
Begg, Ali The Lay of the Land: Medicine, Paradigm Change and Psychodrama (PDF, 64.2 KB) Journal 16 December 2007 Ali is a Psychodramatist and General Practitioner in Christchurch, New Zealand. This paper is adapted from her thesis 'Psychodrama for doctors: Role development for a new medical paradigm'. This theoretical article summarises my understanding of the paradigm change currently occurring in Western medicine. Its purpose is to assist understanding of the existing medical landscape and the place of psychodrama in the development of a new paradigm in which relationships and personal experience are more highly valued. 5 2007-12