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Beran, Penny Book Review: The J.L. Moreno Memorial Photo Album (2014) Edited by Zoli Figusch (PDF, 296.8 KB) Journal 28 December 2019 book review The front cover image of The J.L. Moreno Memorial Photo Album is dynamic. There is JL, hands in a blur, eye gaze steady, mouth open as if using the voice of command as an assured producer. Published in 2014 in the 125th year since J.L. Moreno’s birth, this book complements other biographical publications of JL and psychodrama. The author, Zoli Figusch, provides a succinct summary of his raison d’etre on the back cover, noting that the album is the result of his passion for psychodrama and his more recently found interest in book and photo editing. He aims to capture some of the key moments of Moreno’s life, work and legacy through a pictorial narrative interspersed with reminiscences and testimonies. What he has produced is a 50-page landscape format photo narrative with captions, in a loosely chronological sequence beginning with JL’s parents 10 2019-12
Beran, Penny What is ‘good’ sharing? (PDF, 200.8 KB) Journal 27 December 2018 sharing “That wasn’t very good sharing,” said a group member after their own sharing at a psychodrama residential session about ten years ago. That statement stayed with me. When attention is given to the quality of sharing all group members are assisted to enlarge their role repertoire, which will serve them in their lives as they go out into the world following the session. I have been warmed up to the question of what makes ‘good’ sharing and how can I contribute, as an audience member, to sharing in a ‘good’ way? Here’s what I have come up with after reflecting on my own experiences and reading several authors on the topic. 10 2018-12
Beran, Penny Book Review: The First Psychodramatic Family (2011 Edition) (PDF, 82.8 KB) Journal 20 December 2011 The First Psychodramatic Family was first published in 1964 as No. 40 in the Psychodrama and Group Psychotherapy Monograph Series. The authors were J.L., Zerka and Jonathan Moreno. Biographer Rene Marineau (1989:140) describes the work as 'the very personal account of the use of psychodrama in Moreno's own family'. This 2011 edition is published by the North-West Psychodrama Association with Zerka Moreno's permission and blessing. At the beginning of The First Psychodramatic Family, an explanatory note suggests that this is a poetic and aesthetic story. Historical accuracy is not the aim. I returned to this statement each time I became aware of an inconsistency. As I read the book it occurred to me that there could be several lenses through which to view the notion of the first psychodramatic family. I recommend that you read these anecdotes and narratives as if coming to Moreno and his family for the first time 'in this moment. 15 2011-12
Beran, Penny Book Review: The Unconscious at Work edited by Anton Oberholzer and Vega Zagier Roberts (PDF, 59.8 KB) Journal 15 December 2006 unconscious No abstract available 25 2006-12