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Gurnsey, Simon Book Review: Social Work, Sociometry, and Psychodrama (PDF, 103.3 KB) Journal 31 December 2022 book review Social Work, Sociometry, and Psychodrama: Experiential Approaches for Group Therapists, Community Leaders, and Social Workers (Psychodrama in Counselling, Coaching and Education Book 1) By Scott Giacomucci Springer Nature Singapore 2021 Reviewed by Simon Gurnsey 10 2022-12
Phelan, Helen Book Review: Leadership Levers by Diana Jone (PDF, 69.6 KB) Journal 31 December 2022 book review Leadership Levers: Releasing the Power of Relationships for Exceptional Participation, Alignment, and Team Results By Diana Jones Routledge, London and New York 2021 Reviewed by Helen Phelan Having been in leadership development programs in organisations for many years, I was warmed up to the focus of the book and recognised the aspects the book addresses as highly relevant for these times; aspects that may not be new, but have needed addressing in a fresh way to enable new leadership outcomes of inclusive and collegial workplaces. 9 2022-12
McDonald, Judith Book Review: Words of the Daughter: A Memoir By Regina Moreno (PDF, 399.5 KB) Journal 30 December 2021 book review Words of the Daughter: A Memoir, by Regina Moreno, recounts her growing up with the famous JL Moreno as her father. She is the only child, and daughter, of JL with his second wife, Florence Bridge Moreno. The book traces the time in which her parents married, the family moved to and lived at Beaconsfield, followed by her parents’ eventual divorce, after the years in which JL was having an affair with Zerka. Regina spent some unhappy time living with her mother, before returning to live with JL and Zerka, and eventually her brother, Jonathon, was born. 10 2021-12
Oliphant, David Book review: Moreno’s Personality Theory and Its Relationship to Psychodrama: A Philosophical, Developmental and Therapeutic Perspective By Rozel Telias (PDF, 279.5 KB) Journal 30 December 2021 book review I am grateful to have been asked to review this book. I hesitated at first. Although I have been around Psychodrama circles for around twenty years or more, I have never qualified. But I feel some sort of connection with Moreno. I had a big experience of what I believed was God in my early twenties, and I lived in shame of my megalomania; until Moreno came along. It has fascinated me that when he had the experience that led him to write The Words of the Father he gave up on religion; when I had my experience I gave up on atheism and took up religion. He said that he had found God without religion and eventually I came to see that perhaps I had also. I began calling myself a secular religionist. I have Moreno to blame for this. So you see, he is quite special to me. 9 2021-12
Jones, Diana Book Review: Our House: Visual and Active Consulting (2020 Edition) (PDF, 246.5 KB) Journal 29 December 2020 book review Our House: Visual and Active Consulting (2020 Edition). By Antony Williams Illustrated by Nelle Pierce Published by Routledge, NY 10017. Reviewed by Diana Jones. Antony Williams is a rare consultant who shares his consulting methodology freely and gives insights into his consulting practice. Our House is an invaluable handbook for new and experienced consultants, sociometrists, psychodrama trainees, and practitioners who want to embed vitality among these they work alongside. 11 2020-12
Synnot, Elizabeth Book Review: Sociometry, experiential method and the Science of Society (2012) (PDF, 673.3 KB) Journal 29 December 2020 book review, J L Moreno Sociometry, Experiential Method and the Science of Society; an approach to a new political orientation (2012 edition). By J.L. Moreno. The North-West Psychodrama Association. United Kingdom. Reviewed by Elizabeth Synnot. This book is the second edition. It was first published in 1951 by Beacon House, New York. It includes much of Moreno’s significant sociometry writing from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. His writing continues to be relevant today with current social upheavals and tensions between and within social groups exacerbated by internet and other satellite communications. 10 2020-12
Beran, Penny Book Review: The J.L. Moreno Memorial Photo Album (2014) Edited by Zoli Figusch (PDF, 296.8 KB) Journal 28 December 2019 book review The front cover image of The J.L. Moreno Memorial Photo Album is dynamic. There is JL, hands in a blur, eye gaze steady, mouth open as if using the voice of command as an assured producer. Published in 2014 in the 125th year since J.L. Moreno’s birth, this book complements other biographical publications of JL and psychodrama. The author, Zoli Figusch, provides a succinct summary of his raison d’etre on the back cover, noting that the album is the result of his passion for psychodrama and his more recently found interest in book and photo editing. He aims to capture some of the key moments of Moreno’s life, work and legacy through a pictorial narrative interspersed with reminiscences and testimonies. What he has produced is a 50-page landscape format photo narrative with captions, in a loosely chronological sequence beginning with JL’s parents 10 2019-12
Synnot, Elizabeth Book Review: Psychodrama Third Volume: Action Therapy and Principles of Practice (2012 Edition) By J.L Moreno and Zerka T. Moreno (PDF, 417.5 KB) Journal 28 December 2019 book review Psychodrama Third Volume: Action Therapy and Principles of Practice was originally published by Beacon House in 1969, with a second edition offered in 1975. This third edition, known as the 2012 edition and edited by Zoli Figusch, is one in a series of new editions of J.L. Moreno’s and Zerka T. Moreno’s work published by the North West Psychodrama Association and available through Lulu Press . 9 2019-12
Browne, Rollo Book Review: The Future of Man’s World (2013 Edition) By J.L. Moreno (PDF, 317.5 KB) Journal 28 December 2019 book review This short book, first published as Psychodrama Monograph No 21 in 1947 by Beacon House, contains only 26 pages of Moreno’s writing. Structured into three unnumbered chapters, International Sociatry and the United Nations Organisation, The Future of Man’s Self and The Future of Man’s World, it is packed with pithy and, at times, prescient statements that invite reflection. Being short, it also invites the reader to pick it up more than once to gain a deeper feel for Moreno’s unique perspective. While some of the concepts appear in other writings, Moreno pulls them together here into an argument about the need for a creative revolution, the challenges that arise, his solutions and the human predicament. Essentially the book is about sociatry, a term Moreno coined as the social equivalent of psychiatry to describe the treatment of society, and it is underpinned by observations from his deep philosophy of spontaneity as the core of human existence. 8 2019-12
Crane, Sara Book Review: The Words of the Father (PDF, 188.8 KB) Journal 21 December 2012 book review The Words of the Father: A Response by Sara Crane ALL CREATURES ARE ALONE UNTIL THEIR LOVE OF CREATING FORMS A WORLD AROUND THEM With these words on page 152 of The Words of the Father (2011), Jacob Moreno calls forth the Creator of the Universe. He challenges his readers to come alive to the forces at work in the world and accept our responsibility to become change agents. 25 2012-12
Faisandier, John Book Review: The Psychodrama Papers (PDF, 1.2 MB) Journal 17 December 2008 book review, John Nolte The Psychodrama Papers By John Nolte This collection of 14 papers written by John Nolte, is intended for psychodramatists and students of psychodrama. Spanning 35 years, the papers cover a wide variety of topics that Nolte has considered in depth. 15 2008-12
Farnsworth, John Book Review: Still Life: A Therapist's Responses to the Challenge of Change (PDF, 221.4 KB) Journal 21 December 2012 book review, Liz White Still Life. It is a title that intentionally resonates with multiple meanings. As the author, Liz White, looks back over forty years as a practitioner, her reflection brings an extra resonance to her title. Now it alternates between stillness and activity, now between contemplation and still choosing life. Both experiences are central to the tapestry of perspectives she presents in a book that is part reflection, part working manual. 12 2012-12
Brown, Hamish The Book of Evan: The work and life of Evan McAra Sherrard (PDF, 166.8 KB) Journal 26 December 2017 book review Phil asked me to review The Book of Evan for our journal. I have found that I don't really want to review it. What emerges in me as I put it down having read it, is a reverie; a reflection on my life and development as it has unfolded and where it interconnects with Evan's work and life path as described in The Book of Evan. Probably, if you have been involved in psychodrama, counselling, pastoral care or psychotherapy in New Zealand over the last 50 years, then Evan's work has also affected you. 7 2017-12
Fisher, Annette Book Review: Impromptu (PDF, 183.2 KB) Journal 21 December 2012 book review, Moreno In 1973 I 'became' a psychodrama trainee and ever since I have studied, practised and taught the psychodramatic method in my professional and personal life. I have a particular interest in its origins and history because the early seeds, the experiments and research conducted by Dr J.L. Moreno, constitute the foundational elements for those of us who practise psychodrama. As a caretaker of the psychodramatic method, I find Impromptu an enlightening archive of his original ideas.The numinous quality that the method offers, its capacity for transformation and Moreno's seminal concepts are found here, as in others of his original texts. These concepts include spontaneity, creativity and the creative genius, human qualities that he first captured in the notion of the 'impromptu state'. 11 2012-12
Synnot, Elizabeth Book Review: Psychodrama Second Volume: Foundations of Psychotherapy (PDF, 191.8 KB) Journal 21 December 2012 book review I commend Psychodrama Second Volume: Foundations of Psychotherapy to all those who work to assist folks to free themselves from the shackles of the past, to expand possibilities in living and to research the social condition. I imagine benefit to those who enjoy the exploration of ideas and the different solutions that early psychotherapists developed to common dilemmas of individual and group psychotherapy, the forms, theories, techniques and philosophies. This book may evoke in you a warm up to your own review of psychotherapeutic ideas and to your experience as a clinician and trainee. 12 2012-12
Cowan, Caril Book Review Smash Asthma: The wisdom of wheezing (PDF, 197.8 KB) Journal 24 December 2015 book review I am excited by this book for several reasons. Firstly, it incorporates the physiology of the work of psychodrama in a way that I do not think has been done before. Secondly, the examination of asthma through case studies identifies and challenges the co-dependency between medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. This is done with humility, but also with the rigour of a scientifically trained medical practitioner using his knowledge, professional experience and rational deduction. Thirdly, there is a memoir aspect to the writing that steps the reader through the author's thinking and the complex medical aspects in an easy understandable way. The style is lyrical and entertaining. Read over coffee or tea and one can almost imagine chatting and laughing with the author. 14 2015-12
Hutt, Jenny; Wilson, Jenny Book Reviews (PDF, 281.1 KB) Journal 25 December 2016 book review Book Reviews: 1. Group therapy workbook: Integrating cognitive behavioral therapy with psychodramatic theory and practice. by Thomas W. Treadwell, Debbie Dartnell, Letitia E. Travaglini, Maegan Staats, and Kelly Devinney. Reviewed by Jenny Wilson 2. Trapped in the gap: Doing good in Indigenous Australia by Emma Kowal. Reviewed by Jenny Hurr 13 2016-12
Book Review: Penina Uliuli (PDF, 286.5 KB) Journal 17 December 2008 book review Book Review: Penina Uliuli Contemporary Challenges in Mental Health for Pacific Peoples. Edited by Philip Culbertson and Margaret Nelson Agee, with Cabrini 'Ofa Makasiale University of Hawai'i Press, Honolulu 2007 This collection of 19 essays, written by Pacific people involved in mental health, is a must read for anyone working with Pacific people in New Zealand and Australia. It is a long overdue exploration of the nature of the Pacific experience in New Zealand and in particular the social, religious, and mental health challenges Pacific people face. The name 'Penina Uliuli' means 'Black Pearl'. This is a highly valued gem created by the friction of an intruding particle in the Pacific oyster, and is thus an appropriate title for this collection. 20 2008-12