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Jones, Diana Book Review: Our House: Visual and Active Consulting (2020 Edition) (PDF, 246.5 KB) Journal 29 December 2020 book review Our House: Visual and Active Consulting (2020 Edition). By Antony Williams Illustrated by Nelle Pierce Published by Routledge, NY 10017. Reviewed by Diana Jones. Antony Williams is a rare consultant who shares his consulting methodology freely and gives insights into his consulting practice. Our House is an invaluable handbook for new and experienced consultants, sociometrists, psychodrama trainees, and practitioners who want to embed vitality among these they work alongside. 11 2020-12
Jones, Diana The Way We Do Things Around Here: The Role of Leadership Teams in Shaping Progressive Organisational Cultures (PDF, 478.4 KB) Journal 21 December 2012 behaviour, leadership teams, Moreno, organisational culture, relationships, social and cultural atom The links between organisational culture, leadership and success continue to capture the attention of organisational leaders. Providing illustrations from her work as an organisational leadership coach and drawing on J.L. Moreno's concept of social and cultural atom, Diana Jones proposes that leaders can shape positive change in their organisation's culture by enacting and modeling progressive functioning in their relationships with one another and their staff. 12 2012-12
Jones, Diana Book Review: "The Ancestor Syndrome: Transgenerational Psychotherapy and the Hidden Links in the Family Tree" by Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger (PDF, 78.9 KB) Journal 7 December 1998 No abstract available 1 1998-12
Jones, Diana Sociometry and Social Network Analysis: Applications and Implications (PDF, 86.2 KB) Journal 15 December 2006 No abstract available 10 2006-12
Hill, Chris; Hosking, Chris; Jones, Diana Leadership Material (PDF, 846.5 KB) Journal 26 December 2017 leadership Chris Hill: I have been intrigued about what has been unexpected for you. What has happened in response, that you couldn't have imagined happening, or didn't imagine happening? Diana: One of the things that's been unexpected, and amazing, is that the book has had a lot of interest internationally. People have wanted to interview me about my ideas in the book:, CEO magazine, and the Huffington Post. Quotes of mine have been tweeted. 'Feedback is a lever for a development conversation. It's not the answer' went whizzing around the world. I never expected that. It means something to business people. What I am saying is making sense to them. 4 2017-12