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Hutt, Jenny Starting where we are (PDF, 418.0 KB) Journal 27 December 2018 Aboriginal Australians, reconciliation, social system This article explores our relationship with the history of where we live and why it matters. The development of a study group approach to this area of life is described and the relevance to us as citizens and practitioners is considered. 2 2018-12
Browne, Rollo; Parry, Warren Sociodramatic principles and big data in organisational change (PDF, 337.0 KB) Journal 25 December 2016 family system, organisational consulting, social system, sociodrama Warren recently published Big Change Best Path, a book on his work on leading organisational change. In this interview, he discusses change, his research, the links to sociodrama and psychodrama and the principles that underlie his practice. Warren was centrally involved in psychodrama from 1976 and pioneered the development of sociodrama becoming a TEP in Sociodrama in 1986. Warren subsequently set up his own consulting business, and developed ChangeTracking to assist leaders to implement change programs successfully. In 2013, ChangeTracking joined Accenture who have since used the proprietary method in large scale change initiatives. Big Change Best Path was published by Kogan Page in 2015. 6 2016-12