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Hutt, Jenny Starting where we are (PDF, 418.0 KB) Journal 27 December 2018 Aboriginal Australians, reconciliation, social system This article explores our relationship with the history of where we live and why it matters. The development of a study group approach to this area of life is described and the relevance to us as citizens and practitioners is considered. 2 2018-12
Kearins, Helen History on a Bus: Using sociodrama to address racism and reconciliation (PDF, 176.8 KB) Journal 21 December 2012 Aboriginal Australians, racism, reconciliation, sociodrama, warm up, White Australians In Sydney's Redfern Park on the 10th of December 1992, the launch of the International Year of Indigenous People, the then Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating delivered a ground breaking speech that gave great hope to people working for reconciliation with Aboriginal Australians. One of those inspired to continue this work, Helen Kearins developed a workshop that assists participants to own racism and move beyond it towards genuine reconciliation with Aboriginal people. In this article, adapted from her 2011 AANZPA Accreditation thesis, she demonstrates the efficacy of sociodrama in this work. 12 2012-12