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Authored by Hutt, Jenny

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Hutt, Jenny Perspectives on Racism (PDF, 233.6 KB) Journal 30 December 2021 anti-racism, aversive racism, Gordon Allport, J L Moreno, legalised racism, racism, socialisation, sociodrama, systemic racism, unconscious bias Introduction This article is about racism. My interest was prompted by a study group to focus on the history of the relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians, which I wrote about in this Journal (Hutt, 2018). This work made apparent to me the racism embedded in our history. I wanted to learn more about racism: where it comes from, why it is still prevalent today and how it can be transformed. I began with a search of literature on contemporary social research and anti-racism practice, and along the way discovered the contribution to this field of J.L. Moreno, the founder of psychodrama, and some of his influential contemporaries. This article presents my findings. 3 2021-12
Hutt, Jenny Starting where we are (PDF, 418.0 KB) Journal 27 December 2018 Aboriginal Australians, reconciliation, social system This article explores our relationship with the history of where we live and why it matters. The development of a study group approach to this area of life is described and the relevance to us as citizens and practitioners is considered. 2 2018-12
Hutt, Jenny Rev Dr G. Max Clayton 27 January 1935 - 28 March 2013 (PDF, 1.3 MB) Journal 22 December 2013 Some AANZPA members have known Max over four decades, while others have met him more recently. This overview sketches key events in Max's life as a backdrop to the tributes that follow. 13 2013-12
Hutt, Jenny; Kellermann, Peter Felix Book Review: Sociodrama and Collective Trauma (PDF, 1.9 MB) Journal 18 December 2009 sociodrama Sociodrama and Collective Trauma By Peter Felix Kellermann Reviewed by Jenny Hutt In this wide-ranging exploration Peter Felix Kellermann draws a comprehensive map of current sociodrama practice and its use in collective healing. 15 2009-12
Hutt, Jenny Book Review: Foundations of Psychodrama (4th edition) by Adam Blatner (PDF, 37.7 KB) Journal 11 December 2002 No abstract available 20 2002-12
Hutt, Jenny Role-Play Realising its Potential for Workplace Learning (PDF, 63.7 KB) Journal 16 December 2007 Jenny Hutt has worked as an organisational learning and development consultant for nineteen years. She is based in Melbourne and works with public and private sectors in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. Jenny is a Sociodramatist and TEP-in-training. She is on the teaching staff of the Australian College of Psychodrama and is Immediate Past President of ANZPA. The practitioners who introduced role-plays to workplaces in the 1940s and 1950s found they could transform employee relations, staff selection and ways of conducting meetings, conferences and job-related learning. They noticed it made learning dynamic, less theoretical and more relevant to real life. 10 2007-12
Hutt, Jenny; Wilson, Jenny Book Reviews (PDF, 281.1 KB) Journal 25 December 2016 book review Book Reviews: 1. Group therapy workbook: Integrating cognitive behavioral therapy with psychodramatic theory and practice. by Thomas W. Treadwell, Debbie Dartnell, Letitia E. Travaglini, Maegan Staats, and Kelly Devinney. Reviewed by Jenny Wilson 2. Trapped in the gap: Doing good in Indigenous Australia by Emma Kowal. Reviewed by Jenny Hurr 13 2016-12