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Browne, Rollo Book Review: The Future of Man’s World (2013 Edition) By J.L. Moreno (PDF, 317.5 KB) Journal 28 December 2019 book review This short book, first published as Psychodrama Monograph No 21 in 1947 by Beacon House, contains only 26 pages of Moreno’s writing. Structured into three unnumbered chapters, International Sociatry and the United Nations Organisation, The Future of Man’s Self and The Future of Man’s World, it is packed with pithy and, at times, prescient statements that invite reflection. Being short, it also invites the reader to pick it up more than once to gain a deeper feel for Moreno’s unique perspective. While some of the concepts appear in other writings, Moreno pulls them together here into an argument about the need for a creative revolution, the challenges that arise, his solutions and the human predicament. Essentially the book is about sociatry, a term Moreno coined as the social equivalent of psychiatry to describe the treatment of society, and it is underpinned by observations from his deep philosophy of spontaneity as the core of human existence. 8 2019-12
Browne, Rollo; Parry, Warren Sociodramatic principles and big data in organisational change (PDF, 337.0 KB) Journal 25 December 2016 family system, organisational consulting, social system, sociodrama Warren recently published Big Change Best Path, a book on his work on leading organisational change. In this interview, he discusses change, his research, the links to sociodrama and psychodrama and the principles that underlie his practice. Warren was centrally involved in psychodrama from 1976 and pioneered the development of sociodrama becoming a TEP in Sociodrama in 1986. Warren subsequently set up his own consulting business, and developed ChangeTracking to assist leaders to implement change programs successfully. In 2013, ChangeTracking joined Accenture who have since used the proprietary method in large scale change initiatives. Big Change Best Path was published by Kogan Page in 2015. 6 2016-12
Browne, Rollo Sociodrama with Community Outreach Coordinators (PDF, 118.0 KB) Journal 17 December 2008 This paper describes a sociodrama conducted for community change-agents working towards a multi-cultural Australia. Amongst the many possibilities for producing a drama, the director must choose action cues to pursue whilst also assisting the group to stay focused on the task at hand. A number of these choice points are discussed. The author focuses on two important factors that guide the director the clarity of purpose and the analysis made of the subgroups and the subgroup relationships. 4 2008-12
Browne, Rollo Sociodrama with Juvenile Offenders (PDF, 57.6 KB) Journal 14 December 2005 This article focuses on the lead up to and the enactment of a sociodrama with juvenile offenders who have committed serious crimes. It highlights the need for flexibility in managing the group warm up, finding the appropriate structure and recognizing the underlying theme of the group. One clear conclusion is that keeping the sociodramatic question in mind is an effective way of grounding the learning for the participants. 5 2005-12
Browne, Rollo A Systems Approach to School Bullying (PDF, 1.2 MB) Journal 8 December 1999 The author describes his experience in conducting a staff development program on bullying and harassment within a high school. He uses a systems approach in tackling bullying in the school. The approach analysed the school and community system as a whole rather than addressing only student behavior or helping teachers deal with bullying. His interactions with the school Head, the staff, students and their parents reveal that each group views the other as the cause of the problem. He emphasizes the need to develop a sense of shared identity and purpose in order to find an enabling solution to bullying in the school. 4 1999-12
Browne, Rollo; Swain, Sally Book Review: "Sparks of the Cosmos: Rituals for Seasonal Use" by Margie Abbot (PDF, 45.5 KB) Journal 12 December 2003 No abstract available 35 2003-12
Browne, Rollo Psychodrama and Insight (PDF, 102.0 KB) Journal 22 December 2013 brain wave, catharsis, creativity, insight, intuition, spontaneity, warming up Insight in psychodrama occurs through the use of basic techniques such as concretisation, role reversal and mirroring. But it is not guaranteed. Drawing on research into the neuroscience of insight, the psychodramatist can explicitly focus on simple steps to maximize the possibility of insight: setting out the dilemma, shifting to a resting state and then bringing this state of being into contact with the presenting dilemma. 13 2013-12
Browne, Rollo Grappling with a Ghost From The Past (PDF, 68.1 KB) Journal 12 December 2003 Describes the roles and sub-groups operating in a social system and explores the implications for intervention. 6 2003-12