Journal articles

Authored by Hosking, Chris

Author Title Issue Keywords Abstract Sequence
Desmond, Matt; Hosking, Chris Two Stories of Training in Vietnam (PDF, 348.7 KB) Journal 10 December 2001 Two psychodramatists share their experience of the role training workshops they conducted in the north of Vietnam. 7 2001-12
Hosking, Chris Book Review: "Surplus Reality and the Art of Healing" by Zerka Moreno, Dag Blomkvist and Thomas Rutzel (PDF, 158.9 KB) Journal 9 December 2000 No abstract available 1 2000-12
Hosking, Chris Our Friend and Colleague Elizabeth Hastings Born 21.1.1949 - Died 13.10.1998 with an Extract from Elizabeth's Psychodrama Thesis (PDF, 1.8 MB) Journal 7 December 1998 No abstract available 2 1998-12
Hill, Chris; Hosking, Chris; Jones, Diana Leadership Material (PDF, 846.5 KB) Journal 26 December 2017 leadership Chris Hill: I have been intrigued about what has been unexpected for you. What has happened in response, that you couldn't have imagined happening, or didn't imagine happening? Diana: One of the things that's been unexpected, and amazing, is that the book has had a lot of interest internationally. People have wanted to interview me about my ideas in the book:, CEO magazine, and the Huffington Post. Quotes of mine have been tweeted. 'Feedback is a lever for a development conversation. It's not the answer' went whizzing around the world. I never expected that. It means something to business people. What I am saying is making sense to them. 4 2017-12