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Jones, Diana; Kigyóssy, Zsófi Cultural Differences in psychodrama training: Reflections on the process of practitioner equivalency (PDF, 129.3 KB) Journal 32 December 2023 cultural conserve, culture, differences, influence, purpose, similarities, values, vision A celebratory lunch unexpectedly led to an exploration of AANZPA’s culture and the process of equivalency whereby international psychodramatists can be accepted as AANZPA practitioners. The question arose. How does AANZPA continue to evolve as an organisation, and maintain its purpose, vision, and values as it expands its membership to include international practitioners? 8 2023-12
Callanan, Jennifer Taking Leadership of the Soul: Julie takes charge (PDF, 109.7 KB) Journal 32 December 2023 concretisation, creativity, cultural conserve, enactment, God, J L Moreno, leadership, Moreno, role reversal, soul, surplus reality, systems theory, transformation This article, using extracts from Jennifer Callanan’s Psychodrama Thesis, shares a glimpse into the complete work, “Taking Leadership of the Soul. Revitalising leadership development through psychodrama’s experiential learning approach,” completed in June 2023. 5 2023-12
Howard, Katherine The Dance of Relationship: Using Moreno in Workplace Injury Rehabilitation (PDF, 90.2 KB) Journal 20 December 2011 coaching, creativity, cultural conserve, doubling, injury, mirroring, modelling, Moreno, Psychodrama, rehabilitation, role, role relationship, role reversal, role training, spontaneity, warm up, workplace Katherine Howard explores the use of Moreno's methods in what has become, in Morenian terms, a robotic workplace injury rehabilitation system. Presenting two case studies as illustration, she employs the metaphor of the dance of relationship to capture the way in which psychodramatic techniques transform difference and conflict into mutuality and cooperation, habitual coping roles into fluid and progressive functioning. This article is adapted from the author's 2010 Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama Association (ANZPA) accreditation thesis, Spontaneity and Creativity at Work: The Application of Morenian Methods in Workplace Injury Management. 11 2011-12