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Fisher, Annette Encounter: Catch a Falling Star and Put it in Your Pocket - Never Let it Fade Away (PDF, 310.2 KB) Journal 30 December 2021 attachment, attachment theory, corrective emotional experience, counter-transference, crisis intervention, crisis management, critical incident debriefing, empathy, encounter, encounter groups This paper illustrates and discusses encounter, regarding it as a vital aspect of the therapeutic relationship. In my view an encounter, as described in this paper, can provide a corrective emotional experience that assists in social atom repair and contributes to role development. The article also gives an historical background of ‘encounter’ and its place in psychodrama theory and in the canon of psychotherapy. This is followed by an illustration derived from my work with several people, and my reflections on that work. 6 2021-12
Fisher, Annette The Grandmother in the Development of Psychodramatic Roles in Grandchildren (PDF, 358.8 KB) Journal 5 December 1996 This paper was written to demonstrate that the roles of the grandmother can be active and creative. By following the principles of role theory and spontaneity the old rigid conserves of family structure and function can be freed to encourage creative and joyful relationships. With imagination, commitment and love, a valuable contribution can be made to child development. 4 1996-12
Fisher, Annette Maria Goes To Hospital - An Original Use Of The Double (PDF, 73.9 KB) Journal 18 December 2009 This article is focused on the importance of doubling in individual psychotherapy. J.L. Moreno used philosophy, science and knowledge of the theatre to develop the psychodramatic method, including the use of the double as a therapeutic intervention. The author summarises Moreno's stages of development, and presents a description, applications and case study of the use of the double and doubling in clinical practice. 9 2009-12
Cook, Peggy; Cooke, Kate; Fisher, Annette; Hucker, Neil The 19th International Association of Group Psychotherapy Congress: Reflections and Learnings (PDF, 231.6 KB) Journal 24 December 2015 The 19th International Association of Group Psychotherapy Congress: Reflections and Learnings 13 2015-12
Fisher, Annette Book Review: Impromptu (PDF, 183.2 KB) Journal 21 December 2012 book review, Moreno In 1973 I 'became' a psychodrama trainee and ever since I have studied, practised and taught the psychodramatic method in my professional and personal life. I have a particular interest in its origins and history because the early seeds, the experiments and research conducted by Dr J.L. Moreno, constitute the foundational elements for those of us who practise psychodrama. As a caretaker of the psychodramatic method, I find Impromptu an enlightening archive of his original ideas.The numinous quality that the method offers, its capacity for transformation and Moreno's seminal concepts are found here, as in others of his original texts. These concepts include spontaneity, creativity and the creative genius, human qualities that he first captured in the notion of the 'impromptu state'. 11 2012-12
Fisher, Annette Book Review: The Body Alchemy of Psychodrama (PDF, 57.9 KB) Journal 20 December 2011 Dr. Rebecca Ridge has been practising the psychodramatic method for 30 years. During this time she has also studied, taught and incorporated a broad range of somatic therapies into her work. This book is the culmination of her therapeutic practice, academic studies and extensive research. It is presented as a text book- cum-manual to assist psychodrama practitioners develop and integrate their abilities in somatic therapies. The author addresses and references the alchemy of mind and body, psychodrama, somatic therapies and neuroscience fully. Her central hypothesis is that by integrating an ability to work with the body, a practitioner increases their effectiveness as a therapist, particularly in the area of healing and transformation. The theme running through her writing is that psychodrama and somatic therapy combined will assist the protagonist and the director to gain a deeper understanding and expression of the 'self ' or psyche/soul. 3 2011-12