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Authored by Hucker, Neil

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Hucker, Neil Tele (PDF, 63.8 KB) Journal 27 December 2018 Poem, poetry Moreno’s word Tele was an expression novel to me Something that only the Greek gods knew. Until my tele-photo vision Let the dictionary expose a few 5 2018-12
Hucker, Neil Psychotherapist in Search of a Psychodrama Stage Projection Spaces As Action Stages (PDF, 73.9 KB) Journal 18 December 2009 This paper elaborates six mental projection spaces of the mind (Hucker, 2006) that can be viewed as psychodramatic action stages, upon which the content of the imagination can be projected, differentially concretised and modifications of the psychodrama method applied. The application of these projection spaces will be illustrated via the description of an individual psychotherapy session. In this session, the mental projection spaces are worked with as if the therapy was being enacted psychodramatically on a psychodrama stage. 9 2009-12
Hucker, Neil Book Review: The Autobiography of J.L Moreno M.D. (Abridged) (PDF, 206.8 KB) Journal 22 December 2013 This 2011 Edition of Moreno's autobiography brings together works previously published in the Journal of Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama and Sociometry in the Spring and Summer of 1989 1. As noted by Jonathan Moreno in his erudite foreword to the 1989 version, it was an edited 124 page version of Moreno's five hundred page original autobiographical reminiscences, written several years prior to his death in 1974. This current edition has been re-edited by Zerka Moreno. We are indeed lucky to have this recording and editing of his autobiography by Jonathan Moreno his son and Zerka T. Moreno, his second wife. 25 2013-12
Hucker, Neil The Social Atom Diagram Expanded (PDF, 251.6 KB) Journal 8 December 1999 The article presents an expanded three-dimensional representation of the social atom diagram, which integrates a record of the social atom, the cultural atom, and the individual's sociometry. The tree-like shape of the representation allows a dynamic recycling flow of life. The use of the visual representation in a clinical setting is described. The author asserts that such representation offers him a flexible structure within which to explore the client's social atom movements in a more interactive manner. 2 1999-12
Cook, Peggy; Cooke, Kate; Fisher, Annette; Hucker, Neil The 19th International Association of Group Psychotherapy Congress: Reflections and Learnings (PDF, 231.6 KB) Journal 24 December 2015 The 19th International Association of Group Psychotherapy Congress: Reflections and Learnings 13 2015-12
Hucker, Neil Movie Review: Lars and the Real Girl (PDF, 1.2 MB) Journal 18 December 2009 Lars and the Real Girl Directed by Craig Gillespie Reviewed by Neil Hucker. When I first saw this film title and read a brief review I was cautious. I thought maybe this was just a new soft porn take on men and blow up dolls! I put off even considering seeing it, until a friend recommended it. To my great surprise, it turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable film without any of the recent postmodernist darkness and pessimism that frequently accompanies films. 25 2009-12
Hucker, Neil Book Review: The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science (Revised Edition) (PDF, 109.6 KB) Journal 20 December 2011 When I first heard the title of this book last year I immediately thought of J.L. Moreno's (1978) Canon of Creativity, that circular/spiral relationship between the conserve and spontaneous new role development. With my underlying biological orientation as a psychiatrist I am always on the lookout for developing perspectives on the foundational biological processes of spontaneity, creativity and role development. How does the brain work? And how does it accommodate on going progressive change that facilitates continuous development of roles and the self ? 30 2011-12