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Patty, Christo Haiku from Puketeraki Marae (PDF, 57.1 KB) Journal 32 December 2023 haiku, poetry Being on a marae is new to me. ‘Newness’ alerts me to vitality and liveliness. I warm up to relating to this place and the people I meet with a spirit of curiosity and tenderness... a kind of investigative vulnerability fills me up, and as I enter the marae, I notice my body soften. Now I’m getting ready to be part of this world and attend. These haiku come to me at different points of being on marae. 7 2023-12
Jeffrey, Rowan Poems by Rowan Jeffrey (PDF, 56.6 KB) Journal 32 December 2023 Poem, poetry Maitai Summer, Brother — at 59, We the downcast, Rowan poem 4 2023-12
Jeffrey, Rowan How Psychodrama Helped Pop My Creativity Cork (PDF, 148.3 KB) Journal 30 December 2021 Poem, poetry, writing Almost anyone can write, but at what point can you call yourself a writer? I enjoy writing but I’ve always struggled to perceive myself as a writer, at least outside the safe confines of the academic arena. Academic writing is my safe space where the rules of specificity, clarity, formality and evidence dictate the tone and credibility of your work. I make my living supporting others to write effectively in this style, as an avenue for achieving their learning goals. Quietly though, I’ve harboured more expansive writing objectives. 8 2021-12
Patty, Christo A Haiku Journey — Slow Walk Around a Small Island (PDF, 164.8 KB) Journal 29 December 2020 environment, haiku, imagination, love, poetry, reflections, warm-up, writing Prologue: I think we’re all time travellers. In a second we can conjure events from the past and the experiences and feelings of back there and then can flood into our here and now and become real. And the opposite can occur — a present moment can activate my memory glands. I often experience this when writing Haiku. There’s a formula to traditional Haiku — three lines — 5 syllables in the first, 7 in the second and 5 in the third. I like and prescribe to the seventeen syllable limit as I experience a satisfying feeling of push-back, a kind of requisite resistance to other poetic foibles I may have at the time. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Please join me for a slow walk around my island home of Coochiemudlo. Along the way I’ll let you in on how this journey started, my now abiding passion for Haiku, how I benefit from my practice, a little of my process and how I use it in my work with clients. 8 2020-12
Knottenbelt, Hilde A Place to Meet: Reflections on Group Improvisational Processes on Zoom (PDF, 882.1 KB) Journal 29 December 2020 creativity, director, German, J L Moreno, Moreno, poetry, protagonist, Psychodrama, spontaneity, warm-up Introduction It’s been a month since I worked face-to-face. The studio is looking decidedly casual. It’s become a place to hang out rather than a place to work. In the first weeks of Covid-19 lockdown, as I considered what my working life might look like in the next while, the word ersatz came to me. It’s a term borrowed from the German language meaning replacement, substitute, imitation, fake. In WW1 and WW2 ersatzbrot (substitute bread) was made with potato starch and sawdust and fed to prisoners who starved of malnourishment. I don’t want to create ersatz anything. 3 2020-12
Hucker, Neil Tele (PDF, 63.8 KB) Journal 27 December 2018 Poem, poetry Moreno’s word Tele was an expression novel to me Something that only the Greek gods knew. Until my tele-photo vision Let the dictionary expose a few 5 2018-12
Nannestad, Elizabeth Facing the Empty Page (PDF, 130.7 KB) Journal 23 December 2014 poetry The empty page; looks all innocence; but has its own sense of humour. 5 2014-12