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Authored by Knottenbelt, Hilde

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Knottenbelt, Hilde A Place to Meet: Reflections on Group Improvisational Processes on Zoom (PDF, 882.1 KB) Journal 29 December 2020 creativity, director, German, J L Moreno, Moreno, poetry, protagonist, Psychodrama, spontaneity, warm-up Introduction It’s been a month since I worked face-to-face. The studio is looking decidedly casual. It’s become a place to hang out rather than a place to work. In the first weeks of Covid-19 lockdown, as I considered what my working life might look like in the next while, the word ersatz came to me. It’s a term borrowed from the German language meaning replacement, substitute, imitation, fake. In WW1 and WW2 ersatzbrot (substitute bread) was made with potato starch and sawdust and fed to prisoners who starved of malnourishment. I don’t want to create ersatz anything. 3 2020-12
Knottenbelt, Hilde Generating a Somatic Perspective in the Psychodramatic Enactment (PDF, 66.8 KB) Journal 10 December 2001 Report presented discuss the generation of somatic perspective in psychodramatic enactment. It states that generating a somatic perspective means the application of a body-focused approach within the wider theoretical framework of the psychodramatic method. 5 2001-12