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Jeffrey, Rowan Poems by Rowan Jeffrey (PDF, 56.6 KB) Journal 32 December 2023 Poem, poetry Maitai Summer, Brother — at 59, We the downcast, Rowan poem 4 2023-12
Jeffrey, Rowan How Psychodrama Helped Pop My Creativity Cork (PDF, 148.3 KB) Journal 30 December 2021 Poem, poetry, writing Almost anyone can write, but at what point can you call yourself a writer? I enjoy writing but I’ve always struggled to perceive myself as a writer, at least outside the safe confines of the academic arena. Academic writing is my safe space where the rules of specificity, clarity, formality and evidence dictate the tone and credibility of your work. I make my living supporting others to write effectively in this style, as an avenue for achieving their learning goals. Quietly though, I’ve harboured more expansive writing objectives. 8 2021-12
Hucker, Neil Tele (PDF, 63.8 KB) Journal 27 December 2018 Poem, poetry Moreno’s word Tele was an expression novel to me Something that only the Greek gods knew. Until my tele-photo vision Let the dictionary expose a few 5 2018-12
Boettcher, Wilhelmina Therapy for Fallen Gods (PDF, 171.9 KB) Journal 24 December 2015 Poem No abstract available 6 2015-12