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Authored by Faisandier, John

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Faisandier, John Working with Maori and Pacific islands Clients in Aotearoa/ New Zealand: Considerations for the Pakeha Psychodramatist John Faisandier (PDF, 1.6 MB) Journal 3 December 1994 The specific and different cultural elements that a Pakeha psychodrama director should understand and include when working with Maori and Pacific Island clients in Aotearoa/New Zealand are discussed. Experiences of and the models used in the enactment of psychodrama in this context are presented 2 1994-12
Faisandier, John Book Review: The Psychodrama Papers (PDF, 1.2 MB) Journal 17 December 2008 book review, John Nolte The Psychodrama Papers By John Nolte This collection of 14 papers written by John Nolte, is intended for psychodramatists and students of psychodrama. Spanning 35 years, the papers cover a wide variety of topics that Nolte has considered in depth. 15 2008-12
Faisandier, John Sobriety Shop: Structured Role Plays in a Residential Treatment Centre for Alcohol and Drug Dependency (PDF, 508.5 KB) Journal 6 December 1997 Psychodrama provides a way of breaking through isolation, increasing self understanding and self respect, and increasing spontaneity to develop creative new solutions to life problems. It is a useful method for work with addictive clients, as it helps to begin acting in new ways and to evaluate the immediate impact such ways of acting have on their lives and on the lives of others. 3 1997-12
Faisandier, John Thriving Under Fire: Bringing Moreno into the Corporate Training World (PDF, 300.5 KB) Journal 19 December 2010 John Faisandier describes his adaptation and use of psychodramatic principles and practices in the corporate training world. The TUF: Thriving Under Fire programme uses action sociometry, systems analysis, role training and doubling to assist corporate staff to maintain positive relationships when facing angry and abusive customers in the heat of the moment. The author also reflects on the development of the training programme and business that he has built on Morenian principles. 7 2010-12
Faisandier, John; Thomson, Vivienne Social Atom Repair and Lifelong Learning (PDF, 325.4 KB) Journal 23 December 2014 Joan Chappell was one of the great thinkers and quiet toilers in AANZPA. She died in 2013 at the age of 92 in Tauranga after a life of working as a psychiatrist, GP and psychodramatist. She grew up in England, moved to Christchurch in the early 1970s before retiring to a 'lifestyle village' in Tauranga in 1992. She was not easily understood by many in AANZPA. Vivienne Thomson and I were her only two TEPITs (Trainer, Educator, Practitioner in Training) because somehow we were able to tune in to her way of working. At conferences and FTINZ meetings she would make herself available to us, sometimes at 7 in the morning for supervision. Despite, and perhaps because of, her quirky way of working we gained a tremendous amount from Joan. 9 2014-12
Faisandier, John Joan Chappell-Matthias Reflects (PDF, 58.3 KB) Journal 15 December 2006 negative accommodation, positive accommodation, scene setting Discusses the life and work of Dr Joan Chappell-Mathias who worked as a psychiatrist in forensic, alcohol and drug addiction and hospice areas. She feels that psychodrama has the technique of positive and negative accommodation where she can use historical or regressive scene setting for drama. 4 2006-12