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Gurnsey, Simon Book Review: Social Work, Sociometry, and Psychodrama (PDF, 103.3 KB) Journal 31 December 2022 book review Social Work, Sociometry, and Psychodrama: Experiential Approaches for Group Therapists, Community Leaders, and Social Workers (Psychodrama in Counselling, Coaching and Education Book 1) By Scott Giacomucci Springer Nature Singapore 2021 Reviewed by Simon Gurnsey 10 2022-12
Gurnsey, Simon Developing community through collective projects and activities: the benefits of using sociometry (PDF, 360.2 KB) Journal 27 December 2018 arts participation, community development, community engagement, development, resilience building, sociometry In this article, I will let you know how Gap Filler creates ways for people to interact with others and their city, using examples of some of the Gap Filler projects I have been involved with over the past few years. I will focus on identifying the creative sociometric interventions that build relationships. This article will be of interest to practitioners working in community development, resilience building, arts participation or other community engagements. 8 2018-12
Gurnsey, Simon The Water of Life (PDF, 360.0 KB) Journal 23 December 2014 mythical story, organisational culture, surplus reality Whether as a producer, auxiliary or protagonist I love surplus reality and the metaphorical elements in psychodramas. I have been a romping dog in a drama and any number of vines, rocks and broken axe handles. I feel enlivened and relish this in others. These elements may be, and often are, expanded into a whole story, one that has an integrity to the protagonist and the group. There is a co-creation at work as auxiliaries experience the freedom of being something that isn't everyday, whether a personified rock or the warrior goddess Sekhmet. A story has a narrative and logic that drives it forward carrying the drama. Sometimes these stories are ordinary 'small' stories, sometimes they are world-encompassing mythic tales; stories that mirror human nature, our collective histories and how things are the way they are. They go to the core of meaning and illuminate it. 6 2014-12