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McDonald, Judith Book Review: From One-To-One Psychodrama to Large Group Socio-Psychodrama: More Writings from the Arena of Brazilian Psychodrama (PDF, 842.0 KB) Journal 18 December 2009 Edited, translated and published by Zoli Figusch Reviewed by Judith McDonald This, the second book of Brazilian psychodrama writings edited and translated by Zoli Figusch, is made up of a collection of 16 articles by leading Brazilian psychodramatists, some of whose work has thus far only been available in Portuguese. The book has two distinct parts, the first focusing on the theory and practice of what the Brazilians call one-to-one psychodrama psychotherapy, and the second on large group socio-psychodrama. Figusch provides an introduction to both. 20 2009-12