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Authored by Cowan, Caril

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Cowan, Caril Applying the Concept of Warm-Up in a Life Crisis of Redundancy (PDF, 311.2 KB) Journal 7 December 1998 The author found that the concept of warm-up helped her cope with the trauma of being made redundant. She recounts her experience of using warm-up to deal with the experience of losing her job as team leader of a supported housing service for mentally ill people. Warm-up helped her reorganize her role system and applying role training principles in her daily life helped her identify and appreciate the new opportunities provided by her redundancy. 5 1998-12
Cowan, Caril The Use of Role Theory in Developing Mental Health Workers (PDF, 503.4 KB) Journal 9 December 2000 The author describes her use of role theory in the training of mental health support workers. Role theory helps her maintain positive communication with students and develop a better appreciation of their deeper issues. A focus on the students' psychodramatic roles helps her understand their performance as students and mental health support workers and promotes greater role development in the students. 4 2000-12
Cowan, Caril Book Review Smash Asthma: The wisdom of wheezing (PDF, 197.8 KB) Journal 24 December 2015 book review I am excited by this book for several reasons. Firstly, it incorporates the physiology of the work of psychodrama in a way that I do not think has been done before. Secondly, the examination of asthma through case studies identifies and challenges the co-dependency between medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. This is done with humility, but also with the rigour of a scientifically trained medical practitioner using his knowledge, professional experience and rational deduction. Thirdly, there is a memoir aspect to the writing that steps the reader through the author's thinking and the complex medical aspects in an easy understandable way. The style is lyrical and entertaining. Read over coffee or tea and one can almost imagine chatting and laughing with the author. 14 2015-12