Journal articles

Authored by Consedine, Mike

Author Title Issue Keywords Abstract Sequence
Consedine, Mike Seizing the Moment: The Dramatic Impact of Role Training (PDF, 154.1 KB) Journal 4 December 1995 The crucial role that role training in psychodrama plays in accurately seizing a moment of high drama and insight into the protagonist's actions is emphasized. It allows viewers to be fully engaged with the situation which in turn results in improved understanding and interaction. 7 1995-12
Consedine, Mike Accessing Spontaneity in a Role Training Session (PDF, 62.7 KB) Journal 15 December 2006 role training, spontaneity Role training is a psychodramatic intervention where its structure provides greater emotional safety for participants. Role training in combination with small drama can release greater spontaneity among the participants. 8 2006-12
Consedine, Mike Using Role Theory in Clinical Supervision (PDF, 138.5 KB) Journal 10 December 2001 Report presented discusses the use of role theory in clinical supervision. The report expands the vision of practitioners and senior trainees of the psychodramatic method and discusses the use of role theory as a means of deepening the experience of the supervise with respect to the systemic nature of life and relationships. 4 2001-12
Consedine, Mike Poem: The Psychodramatist (PDF, 24.0 KB) Journal 14 December 2005 No abstract available 10 2005-12
Consedine, Mike Supervision and the Reduction of Anxiety (PDF, 54.6 KB) Journal 12 December 2003 Discusses the proper procedure to be followed for an effective supervisory session and the role that anxiety and lack of spontaneity play in negatively impacting it. Spontaneity is a key ingredient in effective supervision and also that warm-up is a critical aspect for the supervisor. 4 2003-12
Consedine, Mike Transference, Social Atom and Spontaneity (PDF, 64.4 KB) Journal 13 December 2004 Discusses the meaning and aim of 'transference', a term coined by Freud wherein the re-enactment of old responses and patterns of behavior can help create greater spontaneity in the lives of individuals.The relationship between social atom and spontaneity is also highlighted. 6 2004-12