Journal articles

Authored by Marks, Liz

Author Title Issue Keywords Abstract Sequence
Marks, Liz Book review: "Focus on Psychodrama: The Therapeutic Aspects of Psychodrama" by Felix Kellerman (PDF, 245.1 KB) Journal 8 December 1999 No abstract available 15 1999-12
Marks, Liz A Traveller's Guide to Supervision Principles and Practice (PDF, 124.4 KB) Journal 21 December 2012 development, learning culture, learning style, Moreno, relationship, supervisee, supervision, supervisor, systems, warm up In this article, Liz Marks reflects on over twenty years of experience as a supervisor of counsellors. Providing illustrations, she draws out some of the principles and practices that have guided her on this journey. Of particular note are the development of adequacy in warm up, relationship and learning culture, taking a systems approach, relating to the developmental stage of the supervisee and viewing the supervision process as an ongoing, unique and highly valued enterprise for both supervisor and supervisee. 12 2012-12
Marks, Liz Expanding Our Thinking About Families As Systems (PDF, 73.6 KB) Journal 13 December 2004 Discusses some of the key concepts of family therapy such as family structure and dynamics in particular. The context, structure, interactional patterns, rules and beliefs of one family during a time of transition are highlighted. 5 2004-12