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Authored by Pender, Vivienne

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Cartwright, David; Christie, Sue; Colwell, Jo-Anne; Cooke, Kate; Fowler, Richard; Franklin, Kevin; Guy, Claire; Pender, Vivienne Previous journal articles: Reflections and implications (PDF, 443.7 KB) Journal 25 December 2016 reflections Previous journal articles: Reflections and implications 5 2016-12
Pender, Vivienne A Vital and Relevant Life - A Morenian Approach In Palliative Care (PDF, 96.9 KB) Journal 18 December 2009 Moreno's philosophy is considered within the context of palliative care, specifically a Swedish model which illuminates a way of being when a family member is dying. Several examples drawn from hospice experience are described within a framework encompassing Moreno's role theory and the continua of the Swedish model, affinity-isolation, power- powerlessness and continuity-disruption. 9 2009-12
Pender, Vivienne Awakening Creativity With Brief Enactment (PDF, 66.8 KB) Journal 14 December 2005 A psychodramatist and teacher from Wellington presents her thinking about the value of brief enactment in counseling, psychotherapy and teaching. She feels that short dramatic enactment opens up the possibility of spontaneous, artistic exploration and enables personal change. 1 2005-12