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Franklin, Kevin A Truly Universal and Socially Transformative God- concept for a Globalising and Progressive World (PDF, 125.5 KB) Journal 32 December 2023 buddha, culture, dissociative, existential, gestalt, I-self, identity, individuation, Person, socius, whole of identity In this article the author grapples with J L Moreno’s God-concept and further evolves this concept with new meaning and wider-world relevance. Much of our individual-group-collective practice and theoretical focus within AANZPA is on role. In that context, identity has been largely overlooked even ignored and perhaps considered too hard. This author addresses this neglect of identity by using a J L Moreno (JLM)-inspired holistic metaphysic, an individual-group-universal equation of Whole of Identity. This holism — where whole is greater than the sum of the parts — necessitated a re-think, especially the commonplace universal God connection. And to re-examine write and discuss with my Association colleagues my antiquated discarded concept for this new God-concept. 10 2023-12
Franklin, Kevin Death by 1000 Banalities - Testing Spontaneity Theory in Mental Health (PDF, 363.8 KB) Journal 8 December 1999 The paper examines the relationship between Jacob L. Moreno's theory of spontaneity and Coming Out, or the universal process of self-realization in which the individual's true nature is expressed. It contrasts the Coming Out process with a forbidden identity dominated by social or cultural conserves. The spontaneity axiom is analyzed through an empirical study on the Coming Out of homosexual male subjects. The study also highlights the psychodramatic benefits of spontaneity in mental illness, which is associated with the dominance of old conserves. 7 1999-12
Franklin, Kevin The Practical Science of Sociatry: A Progressive Path (PDF, 54.4 KB) Journal 14 December 2005 Sociatry is a way to systemic social unity and the stability of valued socio-diversity where as psychodrama role theory uses integrated systemic theory of role. Both of them are practical sciences, out of which practical, developmental and socially unifying ethic makes the latter a progressive cultural path of best practice. 7 2005-12
Cartwright, David; Christie, Sue; Colwell, Jo-Anne; Cooke, Kate; Fowler, Richard; Franklin, Kevin; Guy, Claire; Pender, Vivienne Previous journal articles: Reflections and implications (PDF, 443.7 KB) Journal 25 December 2016 reflections Previous journal articles: Reflections and implications 5 2016-12
Franklin, Kevin Book Review: Radical Man: The Process of Psycho-Social Development (PDF, 249.5 KB) Journal 22 December 2013 Karen Horney (1885-1952), J. L. Moreno (1889-1974) and Charles Hampden-Turner in Radical Man stand on common ground.They highlight anxiety in human functioning; the cause of neurosis according to Horney, for Moreno anxiety is nothing but spontaneity-lost, and for Hampden-Turner it is cause of anomie. He writes (p. 392) '... insofar as any single problem holds other problems in its thrall, I would say that the central issue is our individual capacity to tolerate the fires of existential anxiety.' 13 2013-12
Franklin, Kevin Sourcing Human Madness Psychodrama, Sexuality and a New Order (PDF, 86.3 KB) Journal 17 December 2008 'Megalomania Normalis' was a name Dr J.L. Moreno invented to describe everyday inhumanity and madness. He invented Psychodrama to address this universal social phenomenon. Sourcing Human Madness addresses questions of central importance to 'who shall thrive' in this 21st century. These are: What is the core nature of the human being? This essential religious question used Role Theory to explain sexual preference. How might this human nature be better nurtured? This scientific question addresses (a) the complications that have stymied prior researchers of sexual preference and (b) some work-in-progress in Dr Moreno's Theory of Role. 6 2008-12