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Franklin, Kevin A Truly Universal and Socially Transformative God- concept for a Globalising and Progressive World (PDF, 125.5 KB) Journal 32 December 2023 buddha, culture, dissociative, existential, gestalt, I-self, identity, individuation, Person, socius, whole of identity In this article the author grapples with J L Moreno’s God-concept and further evolves this concept with new meaning and wider-world relevance. Much of our individual-group-collective practice and theoretical focus within AANZPA is on role. In that context, identity has been largely overlooked even ignored and perhaps considered too hard. This author addresses this neglect of identity by using a J L Moreno (JLM)-inspired holistic metaphysic, an individual-group-universal equation of Whole of Identity. This holism — where whole is greater than the sum of the parts — necessitated a re-think, especially the commonplace universal God connection. And to re-examine write and discuss with my Association colleagues my antiquated discarded concept for this new God-concept. 10 2023-12