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Authored by Turner, Sandra

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Boreman, Cinnamon; Turner, Sandra The Moving Forward Project: Reflecting on the Efficacy of Sociodrama and Playback Theatre in Addressing Family Violence (PDF, 184.6 KB) Journal 21 December 2012 domestic violence, family violence, playback theatre, Psychodrama, sociodrama The Moving Forward Project is a collective endeavour established in Dunedin, Aotearoa New Zealand to address family violence. It aims to raise awareness of the subtleties, complexities and systemic nature of domestic violence, reduce isolation for those affected by it, promote healing and strengthen moves towards change. In this article, facilitators Sandra Turner and Cinnamon Boreham describe the project's pilot programme. They discuss the way that, in designing the programme, they matched the systemic nature of family violence with the systemic perspectives of sociodrama and playback theatre. The authors also present the programme's participants and evaluation research undertaken with them at the programme's close. 12 2012-12
Turner, Sandra Me, I, You and All of Us (PDF, 89.2 KB) Journal 17 December 2008 Jacob Moreno's theory of personality development posits that human beings develop by moving from the undifferentiated Matrix of All Identity at birth, through the stages of Mirroring and Doubling, and culminate in the ability to Role Reverse. When individuals emerge from the Matrix of All Identity, they have come to know where they begin and where they end. This paper explores the concept of the Matrix of All Identity as a working framework for clinical practice, including its relationship to attachment theory, with a view to identifying effective interventions. 2 2008-12
Turner, Sandra Facing Jerusalem: Reflections On Doubling (PDF, 54.0 KB) Journal 11 December 2002 In psychodrama the task of the Double is to increase the warm up of the protagonist using physical and mental starters. Good doubling results in a fuller warm up of the self and increases the ability to live with freedom. 2 2002-12
Turner, Sandra Conflict Resolution Through Encounter (PDF, 52.6 KB) Journal 15 December 2006 conflict resolution, encounter Discusses the framework for resolving conflict through encounter. This kind of encounter is demanding and it is not a quick fix on offer, however, the benefits will be lasting and transformative. 6 2006-12
Turner, Sandra Encountering What Is Possible – The Impact of Role Development in Facing Existential Crisis (PDF, 61.7 KB) Journal 11 December 2002 A coping role system lessens the anxiety and maintains equilibrium in the presence of the threat. The system reflects a person's best attempt at managing an anxiety provoking situation. 4 2002-12