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van Kuilenburg, Philippa Working with Family Violence (PDF, 675.3 KB) Journal 26 December 2017 family system, family violence, feminism The intention in this article is to share my experience of working with people who are in abusive relationships. My work is primarily with women. I work for an organisation called the Inner City Women's Group facilitating an eight-week group focusing on anger management and an eight-week group focusing on self-esteem and assertion. I have also facilitated a sixteen-week group for women who, having been prosecuted for family violence, have been ordered by the Courts to attend the programme. In addition, in 2017 I have facilitated programmes in Auckland Women's Prison. Some of the women have ended up in prison as a result of reacting violently as they retaliated to being abused by their partners. In a large number of these cases they were reported to the Police by their partner who demanded that they be charged. Usually no acknowledgement was given of the partner's own abusive behaviour. My work is to assist the women break the cycle of abuse in their relationships. 5 2017-12
Rose, Gillian J.L. meets the Warrior Princess: Exploring Psychodrama and Feminism (PDF, 70.4 KB) Journal 15 December 2006 feminism A psychodramatist in Christchurch from New Zealand explores the feminism and psychodrama at the Next Step Centre for Women, part of Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology. She feels that both feminism and psychodrama offer new ways of being which can help the women to transform inadequate systems and behavior. 3 2006-12