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Authored by van Kuilenburg, Philippa

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van Kuilenburg, Philippa Distortion, Praise and Authenticity - The Power of Mirroring (PDF, 120.6 KB) Journal 29 December 2020 development, J L Moreno, mirroring, modelling, Psychodrama, relationship, role theory, Zerka Moreno Research has proven the need for positive social interactions for a child to survive (Poulton et al., 2020). A parent’s job therefore is to create a nurturing environment in which the child experiences themselves as being safe, loved and valued. For many of my clients their parents failed miserably in this duty of care as their particular way of engaging their child was through control, judgment and criticism. The child had repeated experiences of being victimised, humiliated, shamed, patronised and pathologized until their confidence was eroded, their perception of self skewed and their ability to relate severely impaired. Somehow however those children survived into adulthood and maintained a small kernel of hope for a different future that led them to sign up for an eight week skills based programme for women on anger management, identity, self worth and assertiveness. That’s when my work begins as I lead this self development programme. 7 2020-12
van Kuilenburg, Philippa Working with Family Violence (PDF, 675.3 KB) Journal 26 December 2017 family system, family violence, feminism The intention in this article is to share my experience of working with people who are in abusive relationships. My work is primarily with women. I work for an organisation called the Inner City Women's Group facilitating an eight-week group focusing on anger management and an eight-week group focusing on self-esteem and assertion. I have also facilitated a sixteen-week group for women who, having been prosecuted for family violence, have been ordered by the Courts to attend the programme. In addition, in 2017 I have facilitated programmes in Auckland Women's Prison. Some of the women have ended up in prison as a result of reacting violently as they retaliated to being abused by their partners. In a large number of these cases they were reported to the Police by their partner who demanded that they be charged. Usually no acknowledgement was given of the partner's own abusive behaviour. My work is to assist the women break the cycle of abuse in their relationships. 5 2017-12
van Kuilenburg, Philippa Looking Through the Lenses (PDF, 71.2 KB) Journal 18 December 2009 Techniques and theory used by the psychodramatist, sociodramatist, role trainer and sociometrist are the same. All aim to provide an experience that facilitates an effective learning or therapeutic outcome for clients. Where they differ is in their focus. This paper explores the different lens used by psychodramatists, sociodramatists, role trainers and sociometrists in their work in one to one process, the therapeutic relationship, group development, education and business. 9 2009-12
van Kuilenburg, Philippa The Island of Competence: Coaching When Judgement and Shame is Present (PDF, 152.7 KB) Journal 16 December 2007 In this article I present a case study and a coaching framework based on the theories of Moreno and Vygotsky, an educationalist. My hypothesis is that effective coaching focuses on the emergent progressive roles before addressing developmental areas and results in the learner integrating and sustaining progressive functioning. A learner often assesses his or her progress inaccurately by using experts in the form of more experienced practitioners as the benchmark. The central idea is that coaching relationships with a primary focus on what is wrong, rather than what is being developed warm a learner up to inadequacy, inhibiting development of progressive functioning and role repertoire expansion. 1 2007-12