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Authored by McIntosh, Wendy

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McIntosh, Wendy It's not so lonely on the stairs now: Linking the personal, the professional and the psychodramatic technique of doubling in professional boundary training (PDF, 250.5 KB) Journal 25 December 2016 This paper focuses on three ways in which my personal development journey has informed my work delivering individual and group training regarding the transgression of professional boundaries by health clinicians. The first aspect is the link between the experience of boundary violation in childhood and the motivation to work as a professional boundary trainer. The second element is the link between the experience of isolation as a result of childhood boundary violation, and my valuing of the psychodramatic technique of doubling in professional boundary training to enrich clinicians' understandings of themselves and their transgressions. The third thread encompasses the significance of psychodrama in helping me to integrate the personal and the professional, and thus conduct meaningful professional boundary training. 12 2016-12
McIntosh, Wendy Walking with Moreno: A Historical Journey of Psychodrama and Nursing (PDF, 101.2 KB) Journal 19 December 2010 Little has been written about the links between J.L. Moreno and the nursing profession. Wendy McIntosh explores nursing and academic literature and identifies strong links, many not previously reported within the context of major inflšuences on nursing. This paper presents parallel journeys, the author's personal journey with the work of Moreno and the significant influence of Moreno's concepts and techniques on the profession of nursing since the 1930s. 3 2010-12
McIntosh, Wendy Walking with Moreno Take Two: Integrating Theory with Practice (PDF, 100.7 KB) Journal 20 December 2011 Moreno, nurse, nursing, patient, professional boundaries, professional identity, Psychodrama, role reversal, role training, supervision, systems theory In an article published in the 2010 ANZPA Journal, Wendy McIntosh explored the significant impact of Moreno's work on the nursing profession. In this follow up paper she presents her utilisation of role theory in work with one nursing client who has transgressed professional boundaries. Mindful of Moreno's dictum for nurses to establish and maintain a reciprocal relationship, she demonstrates the client's progress as he develops insights and roles that will assist him to maintain adequate professional boundaries in the future. 11 2011-12