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Authored by Whisker, Craig

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Whisker, Craig Two Men, Two Homes (PDF, 3.6 MB) Journal 32 December 2023 On a street called Berggasse in central Vienna the gently rolling pavement is all that remains of the ‘mountain alley’ (trans. German) of centuries ago. Here many of the homes built in the 18th and 19th centuries have been restored or preserved in their distinct 3-4 storey chunky, smooth-stoned Viennese style. At number 19 that preservation is as a museum to the 47- year working life of Sigmund Freud in the family home and psychotherapy practice rooms that he, and later his daughter, Anna, worked from until the family’s escape to England in 1938 following Nazi annexation of Austria. 9 2023-12
Whisker, Craig Tauhara Encounter: Reflections on a Residential Psychodrama Group Session (PDF, 129.8 KB) Journal 31 December 2022 audience, auxiliary, auxiliary ego, creativity, director, doubling, encounter, mirroring, Moreno, production, protagonist, Psychodrama, psychotherapy, reflections, relationship, role, role reversal, sharing, spontaneity, tele, warm up Since 2013 I have co-led with either Marian Hammond or Selina Reid, and have twice led by myself, an annual winter residential psychodrama retreat at the Tauhara Retreat Centre located above Acacia Bay on Taupō-nui-a-Tia, Lake Taupō near the centre of Te Ika-o-Māui, the North Island of Aotearoa, New Zealand. On each occasion I write copious notes describing workshop sessions and my initial analyses and reflections on them and I jot down insights from between-session or end-of-day discussions with my co-leader. The process of writing while memories and impressions are still fresh captures what in days, even hours, may be unrecoverable. When I warm up to re-entering the stream of consciousness I had during the session I often perceive more than I did when in the group. These are unpolished perceptions. They include wonderings or conflicts that I form into questions or pose as contrasting points of view and they sometimes cause fragments of associative thought to surface from deep within my psyche, or a new perspective to suddenly appear like the bright green tip of a spring bud. 8 2022-12
Whisker, Craig Jumping The Berlin Wall: Social And Cultural Atom Repair With An Individual Adult (PDF, 172.6 KB) Journal 14 December 2005 A family psychotherapist presents a paper on his work with Brian, a client seeking to develop adequate functioning in familial relationships. He observed that in the first three therapy sessions Brian developed a new progressive func 6 2005-12