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Authored by Logeman, Walter

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Logeman, Walter The Value of Sociodrama in Psychodramatic Couple Therapy Training (PDF, 287.9 KB) Journal 30 December 2021 couple therapy, J L Moreno, Psychodrama, psychodrama training, psychodramatic couple therapy, relationship, sociodrama, sociodramatic couple, systems, tele This article focuses on the value of sociodrama in the training of psychodramatic couple therapists. The author describes the way in which a sociodramatic approach is employed to bring to life a ‘sociodramatic couple’, who later become the focus of training sessions in which the trainer and trainees explore the effectiveness of various interventions in couple therapy practice. Drawing on the illustrative material, the author reflects on the value of sociodrama in the development of the trainees, at both conscious and unconscious levels, and raises the possibility of applying a sociodramatic approach to training in related fields, such as individual therapy, family therapy and organisational development. 6
Logeman, Walter Encounter - The heart of psychodramatic couple therapy (PDF, 183.1 KB) Journal 28 December 2019 begegnung, couple therapy, doubling, encounter, J L Moreno, love, mirroring, Moreno, natural groups, Psychodrama, relationship, role reversal, spontaneity, synthetic groups, tele This article is concerned with the application of psychodrama principles and practices to couple therapy. In particular, it explores Moreno’s philosophy of encounter, that meeting of two, ‘face to face and eye to eye’, which lies at the heart of psychodramatic couple therapy. Drawing on illustrative material, the author shows the way in which the psychodrama structure of warm up, action and sharing apply in a couple therapy session, with the encounter presenting as the action phase. He also describes the psychodramatic techniques of doubling, mirroring and role reversal as they are used to facilitate the encounter. 3 2019-12
Logeman, Walter Moreno's Scientific Methodology: By, Of and For the People (PDF, 324.3 KB) Journal 24 December 2015 experimental design, Moreno, principles of sociometry, Psychodrama, scientific methodology, social science, spontaneity This paper is an exposition of the scientific methodology developed by Jacob Levy Moreno. It is based on an extensive reading of his writing and the discovery that the heart of his philosophy includes a research paradigm that incorporates human spontaneity and unpredictability. Six principles have been identified and formed into a working description so that research may be by the people, of the people, and for the people. The paper invites a greater consciousness of this research methodology. The author hopes that practitioners of psychodramatic methods will be encouraged to apply it in their work. 12 2015-12
Logeman, Walter The Imago Affair - Jacob Moreno's Interpersonal Therapy And Harville Hendrix's Relationship Therapy (PDF, 82.2 KB) Journal 18 December 2009 Jacob Moreno's Psychodrama Interpersonal Therapy and Harville Hendrix's Imago Relationship Therapy, while different, have much in common. The meaning and origin of encounter and dialogue, and the contrast between locus and focus, are discussed with reference to ways they can be fostered. The question of professional identity and identification with a modality is raised. Some general conclusions are reached regarding the boundaries between psychodrama and other modalities. 9 2009-12
Logeman, Walter Engaging The Muse: Reflections on Art And Creativity (PDF, 102.7 KB) Journal 17 December 2008 J.L. Moreno's vision, practice and writing ranges widely but at the core there is always a philosophy of spontaneity and creativity. This essay reflects on the author's personal creative experiences, with Moreno's ideas as a guide. The Canon of Creativity, along with its implications for the two aspects of spontaneity training deconserving and role training is explored. The essay concludes with some stories and quotes from the lives of painters, to highlight the explosion of creativity and spontaneity that can occur in the moment. 7 2008-12
Logeman, Walter Book Review: Group Supervision: A Guide to Creative Practice (PDF, 440.0 KB) Journal 19 December 2010 Group Supervision: A Guide to Creative Practice (2nd Edition) by Brigid Proctor Counselling Supervision Series Edited by Michael Carroll and Elizabeth Holloway Sage Publications, London 2008 Reviewed by Walter Logeman 25 2010-12